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AM1026B & AM2026B

The Blue Series Boat Ramp Winch range is manufactured in Australia, with the majority of the components machined in our own facility. This fact guarantees availability of replacement parts and quality of service. We use prestige brand electric motors, renowned for their strength and reliability. The winch boasts steel frame, steel shafting and strengthened steel machine cut gears for added strength and longer life. These features all contribute to a product range that is incredibly reliable, efficient and strong.

Standard Features

  • Efficient spur gear reduction
  • 240V TEFC electric brake motor (prewired with 3 metre power lead and plug)
  • Galvanised Wire rope with D shackle
  • Low voltage pendant control

Optional extras

  • Radio remote control
  • Covers


MODEL G&W 3500 & 4500

Our G&W Series are manufactured in our Brisbane factory. This is a serious robust winch which has been designed for a variety of hauling applications, ideally suited as a slipway, boat ramp, water pump winch.

Driven by a self-braking worm gear transmission providing a quiet, safe, maintenance free operation coupled to a purpose built powerful 240V electric brake motor. The drum, frame and guards are fabricated in quality stainless steel for strength and endurance. We will happily modify these winches to suit your individual needs.



Our G&W range are perfect for:

  • Boat ramps
  • Slipway
  • Water Pump Applications

Standard Features

Drum frame and guards are all of heavy duty stainless steel construction

Self-braking worm gear reduction – sealed for life

End support bearing – sealed for life

Virtually maintenance free

1.7kw single phase 240V electric brake motor

Wired with 3 M power lead and 3 pin plug

Supplied with 30 metres of 9mm dia aircraft cable

Max. winch drum storage capacity 70 metres of 8mm dia cable

Capacity: 1500kg line pull at 4.25 metres/minute 1st layer

Capability: Haul boat and wheeled trailer of 4500kg up 12.5 degree ramp

Average Line speed: 5.5 metres/minute

Weight: 80kgs

Based on a rolling load over a good quality surface


Wireless remote control

Rope Tensioner

Synthetic rope

Wall mounting feet

Three phase 415V electric brake motor

10M low voltage pendant control



Electric Hoists

Our unique tough Tiger range of winches are all of the planetary design, rugged in construction and engineered to exacting standards. The Tiger is light weight yet strong. Built with a precision planetary gear train, they feature quality roller bearings throughout, a high starting torque motor designed specially for winch hauling and hoisting applications and fail safe electro – magnetic multi disc brake which provides safe, easy load control.


Our Tiger series are perfect for:

  • Boat ramps
  • Small workshops
  • Crane and lifting
  • Home handyman
  • Positioning caravans & trailers in confined areas

  • Lifting sullage pumps
  • Ideal for building sites
  • Industrial bin retrieval
  • Home handyman
  • Agricultural environments

Standard Features

  • Wire Rope with Safety hook
  • Average line speed 10m per minute
  • Low Voltage hand control with 10 metre lead (removable) on all models
  • Thermal overload proection
  • Optional radio remote control


Tiger Electric Chain Hoist

The hoists are designed for safe and economical hoisting. They are lightweight, and strong to ensure for an extended life. The motors fitted to these units are specifically designed and built for electric hoist operation and should not be restricted from reasonable ventilation.

Tiger chain hoists are also fitted with a fail safe electro-magnetic brake. This ensures strong and safe operation. In the event of power outages, the brake is automatically engaged.

These units have been pre-lubricated with premium grade materials before being sealed in the factory to ensure a long service life.

Key Specifications

Capacity 1 000 kg
 Lift  6 m
 Hoisting Speed  6.1 m/min
 Hoisting Motor  0.75 kW
 Chain Falls line  1
 Power Source  1PH 220V – 240V
 Approx. Weight  35 kg


Employs imported FEC80 class high strength heat treated alloy stell chain.

24V Low Voltage Device – in case electric shock from switch, the low voltage device may avoid accident.

Specially designed DC magnetic brake.

In case of power failure, the DC magnetic brake actuates immediately.


DC Electric Recovery Hoist

Our A.P.E Winches are relatively lightweight and compact for their hauling capacity. The rugged construction of these units makes them ideal for truck installation and permit easy mounting.


Optional extras

  • Alternate drum sizes
  • Alternate gear ratios
  • Drum grooving

Standard features

  • Gear housing and clutch housing manufactured from quality high tensile aluminium.
  • Winch drum made with all steel construction for maximum strength and wear resistance.
  • Drum shaft manufactured from quality steel – for heavy duty and long life.
  • Worm made from nickel chrome steel case hardened, precision thread ground.
  • Worm gear certified gear bronze for heavy duty operation.

  • Bearings- worm is mounted on heavy duty angular contact ball races.
  • Drum shaft supported by heavy proportioned bronze bearings.
  • Dog clutch & drag brakes fitted as standard to allow free spool of rope. Enclosed drum drag brakes, rope will not “balloon” while being free spooled.
  • Australian made with spare parts readily available.


Pullmaster planetary winches can be adapted to a wide range of applications and requirements. Take a look at the Pullmaster Brochure to get a detailed description of how a Pullmaster winch could benefit your business.


Fishing and Marine
Pullmaster winches can be used as boom hoist, swing winch, gilson winch and for cod end brailing operations.
Compact and robust Pullmaster winches can be installed on hydraulic cranes, loaders and material hoists.
For Recovery and hoisting operation on military vehicles, Pullmaster winches are dependable, reliable and tough.
The Pullmaster winch provides strength and power in both directions and coupled with a free spooling facility are ideally installed on logging equipment. Winches in the HL series will let a log loader perform double duty as a yarder in a highly efficient operation.
Pullmaster winches are used to raise and lower the cutter head ladder. They are used as swing winches and to raise and drop the spuds. The rapid reverse option used on a spud winch, provides for the velocity required to anchor the spud.

Brochures & Specifications

Downloadable Specification Sheets


Pullmaster Brochure
Risk Management

Series options


Winches of equal speed in both directions. The range with line pulls up to and including 34000kg. With various available options, Pullmaster planetary winches can be adapted to a wide range of applications and requirements. Equipped with an automatic multidisc brake which provides a smooth and positive control for lowering and holding the load.


Winches offering a high speed lowering function. The H series offers reversing speeds approximately 4.5 times faster than forward pedals. These models are also available with line pull to 34000kg. The HL series models have a rapid reverse and rapid forward speed in addition to normal hoisting speeds.The change from normal speed to rapid forward speed can be made while the load is moving – on the fly.


The R series of winches are for recovery applications. Free spooling is a standard feature on this model and is offered with a manually actuated clutch or is suitable for hydraulic remote control.


Capstan winches

Capstan winches are a standard range with capacities to 40kN line pull, driven via performance picked motors and transmissions. Larger sizes and systems custom designed and manufactured to meet all industry requirements.


Vessel positioning – Marine

Cable installation – Power and Telecommunications

Material movement – General Industry

Standard Features

  • Modular design
  • Capstan heads in aluminium, cast iron or steel
  • Geared with planetary, helical or worm transmissions
  • Powered with electric, air or hydraulic motors
  • Bases frames for permanent mount / trolleys etc for portable use


All Solutions

GEARS AND WINCHES design and manufacture specialised winch solutions for all industry. We use high quality components and offer a wide variety of configurations and options to create a winch to meet your needs.

Drum Configurations

Drum sizes to match your wire rope storage requirements

Multiple cable anchors for multiple cable or On-Off applications

Split drum for multiple cable applications

Grooved drums

Motors and Drives

Electric, Air ,Hydraulic or Mechanical powered

Planetary, Spur, Bevel Helical or Worm gearing

Drives application matched to provide optimum performance


  • Failsafe Brakes
  • Ratchet & Pawls
  • Drum Brakes
  • Level Winder mechanisms
  • Motor controls

  • Rope Tensioners
  • Slack rope switches
  • Rotary limit switches
  • Clutches